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Ohio Administrative Code has a container law that relates to propane tanks.

OAC1301: 7-7-38 Liquefied Petroleum Gases in section 3807.5 states:

3807.5 Transfer. “Transfer of LP-gas to and from a container shall be conducted with the permission of the owner of the container.”

The O.E. Meyer Co. requires documentation that a tank is owned by the consumer before we service any customer owned tank. This documentation can be either by a “bill of sale” for the original purchase of the tank or by signing this “certification of ownership” stating they own the tank. The O.E. Meyer Co. will not be held responsible if, after signing this document, another company proves ownership. At that time we will cease servicing the below tank and the customer is at the mercy of the owner of the tank.

Certify that I own the tank(s) listed below and authorize the O.E. Meyer Co. to service and or fill the tank(s) as required.

** By typing your name electronically on this Form, you are agreeing that your electronic signature is the legal equivalent of your manual signature on this Form.