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What we do


Harness the Power of Your Modern Production Operations

Today’s automated manufacturing and material flow processes require spot-on precision. If you’re tasked with optimizing your production operations, our customized automation solutions can help you increase output and efficiency and reduce variability while keeping complex parts within tolerance for higher-quality outcomes.

Automation Solutions

We've got what you need

From large CNC cutting machines to small portable welding units and everything in between. Our deep inventory with equally matched engineering expertise helps you customize a solution built for your operations and your exact needs—even as they change.

In most cases, automating essential functions like cutting and positioning can dramatically improve workplace safety and accelerate production by as much as 40%.

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Enabling An Exceedingly Agile Production Environment

Our master technicians build custom automation programs, sourcing the product and service solutions that meet your exact needs. Robotic welding applications, material handling, finishing, pick and place — we give you every advantage with flexible, intelligent solutions that drive production capacity and efficiency in repetitive, high-volume production activities.


Upgrade Your Operations with the Ultimate Automation Test Drive

The OE Meyer Automation Room, or OMAR Room, is the ultimate test drive experience for process automation systems

Visit OE Meyer and experience our exclusive OMAR Room stocked with the latest automation tools, including handheld laser welding and cleaning systems, Cobots, and Compact Plasma Tables.

Step inside the OMAR Room and take innovation for a spin with hands-on demos and technical products, overviews-everything you need to understand your options and make more informed decisions about upgrading your operations.


Robotic Solutions

We Help You Make Better Decisions

Which applications should you automate? What level of automation is optimal for your operations? We understand the nuances of sophisticated robotics technology—so we can guide you in all aspects of robotics automation to maximize your equipment investment and enhance productivity. Our turnkey robotics service includes assembling, installing, and maintaining robots.

Material Handling Robots

From picking to packing to kitting, utilizing material handling robots to automate processes is quickly becoming a trend in numerous industries. Put the benefits of material handling robots to work for your bottom line:

Flexibility to complete multiple tasks

Ideal for order picking, placing, dispensing, palletizing, packaging, machine loading, assembly, material removal, and more.

Increased efficiency

Perform labor-intensive, repetitive tasks without fatigue or decreased speed.

Saves Money

Manages routine and repetitive tasks for lower labor costs and improves worker safety.

Reduces Damages

Programmed to form unique tasks with absolute precision - eliminates human error.

Find The Right Fit

Need help assessing your exact needs?

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Arc Welding Robots

Built for repetitive welding applications that require quality and speed, arc welding robots increase efficiency, consistency, and ROI. We stock a wide selection of arc welding robots with features that translate to big benefits for your operations:


Equipped to work with all brands of welding equipment, including TIG welders, MIG welders, and plasma welders.


Fanuc Robotics offers the highest motion speeds in class for max performance and productivity.


Models include a built-in wire feed motor for exceptional control.


Many can be used with EMI shielding kits for operation in TIG welding, plasma welding, and plasma cutting environments.

iRVision (Integrated Robot Vision)

Patented Fanuc Robotics’ iRVision technology delivers high-performance 2D and 3D vision for increased accuracy.

Pick and Place

We teamed up with FANUC to offer the latest in robotics technology. Need speed? The FANUC Pick and Place can stack parts at 90 parts/minute. These robots are ideal for simple and complex assembly of electronics, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, office supplies, consumer products, and solar panels.

Get Your Custom Fit

Rental Program

Leading with flexibility, our robot rental program lets you evaluate the robotic welding process and calculate automation’s ROI—without making a substantial capital investment. It’s a win-win: Test our automation technology while you decrease your manufacturing costs and increase productivity.

Start Innovating

Positioning Equipment

Exact Is Where It’s At

Optimize your operations with innovative, precision positioning equipment solutions—we can help you increase output, improve safety, lower manufacturing costs, all by simply using the right tools for the job. Put 50+ years of experience to work for your operations: welding, assembly, rolling, turning, fabrication, inspection, automation: we can help you select the right positioning equipment for your application, managing objects from 100 to 4,000,000 lbs. and at every conceivable angle.

Already Own Positioning Equipment?

O.E. Meyer Co. and Koike Aronson Inc. offer factory rebuild programs to refurbish your equipment to like-new condition, often at a fraction of replacement cost. New controls, drives, bearings, faceplates, chucks, and more are available to revitalize and reutilize your existing positioners.

Maximize Your Equipment Investment With Our Rebuild Program

Extended life

Our reconditioning program substantially extends the life of the positioner

Long-range Solution

Our rebuilds are long-term alternatives that eliminate downtime and costly repairs.

Inspection & Audit

KAR specialists perform a thorough examination of existing equipment, on-site or at our facility, to determine the most viable options for upgrading and reconditioning


Benefit from the same technical knowledge applied during the original manufacturing

Current Specifications

Existing positioning equipment can be upgraded to the latest performance standards and benefit from the current design and engineering concepts

Genuine Replacement Parts

Koike Aronson is the only source for OEM replacement parts

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Cutting Machines

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Industrial Process Solutions That Are A Cut Above

Engineering the ultimate in precision and dependability, our team customizes industrial cutting solutions for small shops to those large and powerful enough to perform for industry giants. We stock, install and service a wide range of precision CNC-controlled cutting solutions specific to your unique application:

  • Plasma cutting tables
  • Flame, laser + waterjet cutting solutions

Plasma Cutting

One of many CNC cutting machine options, plasma cutting tables, adds intelligent automation to repetitive cutting tasks for all metal types. In addition to boosting precision and efficiency, plasma cutting machines can also increase profitability by driving down labor costs and reducing material waste.

Laser Cutting

Fiber laser cutting systems are high-precision tools that can cut various materials of varying thickness and are well-equipped for creating complex shapes and profiles due to multi-axis motion capabilities. Incredibly versatile, lasers can cut a host of materials, from metals and acrylic to rubber and foam.

Find Your Cutting Solution

Monograph Extreme

The Monograph Extreme is a CNC plasma cutter designed to deliver many years of reliable performance and efficient production. It features a unitized downdraft table design, keeping the overall footprint as compact as possible, thus maximizing your production space.

See Spec Sheet +

Monograph EX2

High torque and high resolution have been engineered into this design to accommodate improved plasma bevel cutting technologies. It is equipped to handle your job requirements and is flexible enough for adaptation to future process requirements.

See Spec Sheet +


The Plate-Fab cutting machine gives fabricators more precision and more production options at a lower cost. Configurability offers greater flexibility with one plasma cutting torch and an optional oxyfuel torch and can be equipped with the latest technology to maximize cut quality. The PlateFab's unitized design offers two different table configurations. A downdraft cutting table isolates sparks, fumes and reduces heat transfer.

See Spec Sheet +


The PlatePro is a rigid rail, rapid traverse, and multi-tool station cutting system. Available in 5, 6, and 8 foot cutting width and 10, 12, 20, and 24 foot cut lengths. Utilizing a rigid beam and pedestal mounted precision rail system, the PlatePro provides movement to maintain critical accuracy at the PlatePro's high 800 IPM rapid traverse speeds.

See Spec Sheet +

PlatePro XHD

The PlatePro XHD utilizes the latest technologies to provide unmatched speed, accuracy, versatility, and durability in a thermal cutting machine. Designed to satisfy the world's most demanding customer requirements, the PlatePro XHD has been engineered to maximize its' performance while costing so little. Steel Service Centers, Heavy Fabricators, Tank Manufacturers, Shipbuilders and General Fabricators are PlatePro XHD target customers.

See Spec Sheet +


High performance cutting system, offering fabricators premium features in a package compact enough to fit in small shops. Ruggedly built, the ShopPro has the same reliability and accuracy found with all Koike Aronson cutting systems. The ShopPro was developed with the help of feedback of fabricators and metal workers, who demanded a robust feature set at a reasonable price.

See Spec Sheet +

ShopPro XHD

High performance cutting system, offering fabricators premium features in a package compact enough to fit in small shops. Ruggedly built, the ShopPro has the same reliability and accuracy found with all Koike Aronson cutting systems. The ShopPro was developed with the help of feedback of fabricators and metal workers, who demanded a robust feature set at a reasonable price.

See Spec Sheet +

Versagraph Extreme

The Versagraph Extreme series utilizes the latest technologies to provide unmatched speed, accuracy, versatility, reliability and durability in a thermal cutting machine. The Versagraph Extreme can be fully customized to fit your production needs and increase your productivity. Multiple plasma stations, oxy-fuel stations, marking options as well as full contour plasma beveling, which is controlled through a very easy to use operator

See Spec Sheet +

Supergraph IV

The Supergraph IV cutting system will increase your shop's productivity and consistency, while reducing material waste by as much as 30%. With a traverse speed of up to 1000 inches per minute, you can maximize production without the loss of floor space. The compact, unitized design enables it to be easily moved and set up at a different location. This is truly a precise high powered cutting machine designed for high productivity plasma cutting.

See Spec Sheet +


K-Jet, a waterjet cutting system, features KMT intensifier pumps, Flash-Cut CNC with built-in CAD/CAM software, and EBBCO filtration systems. In addition, fully enclosed air pressurized bellows, hidden linear ways, and conveniently located grease fittings will help keep this machine running for extended periods. With standard cutting areas up to 72” X 144”, table capacity up to 250 lbs. per square foot (6” mild steel), initial height control with magnetic cutting nozzle breakaway and cut speeds up to 500 ipm makes the K-Jet a must for any shop.

See Spec Sheet +


ShopJet offers fabricators unprecedented value for waterjet cutting. ShopJet is the newest in the line of waterjet cutting technology to meet a wide range of cutting applications at an accessible cost. It is entirely manufactured in the USA by Koike, with localized service, support, and parts. The ShopJet was built for proven performance and long-lasting reliability, and to make waterjet cutting easy.

See Spec Sheet +


The FiberPro offers robust capabilities at a competitive price with Flashcut Pro Controller software that efficiently cuts materials like brass, copper, stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum. For precise and consistent cuts, Koike’s FiberPro CNC laser cutting machine comes standard with a Precitec cutting head, as well as a direct-drive helical rack and pinion. In addition, this machine features ISO 230-2 machinery standard specifications and the option of a 2kW or 4kW laser. The FiberPro is Class 1 safety rated and designed with safety viewing glass to enable the operator to view the machine as it cuts for optimal protection, the company says. In addition, this machine is easy to set up and requires minimal maintenance, allowing you to focus solely on output.

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Continuous Optimization For Your Operations

Our team has been at this for quite a while—it’s our deep industry knowledge and firsthand experience that work to align your operations for peak performance. Count on O.E. Meyer to help you get the most out of your existing equipment and automated systems technology.

Retrofit Solutions

We evaluate your current systems and prepare a customized plan that may include installing new parts or re-engineering existing equipment. Our retrofit upgrades can increase machine speed for enhanced productivity, enable new functionalities, and improve your bottom line.

Shape Cutting Controllers

Shape cutting controllers can improve quality, productivity, and profitability using state-of-the-art cutting processes. We offer a full selection of controllers and software from Hypertherm and Burny Kaliburn to manage complex projects with faster cutting speeds, rapid process cycling, quick changeovers, and unmatched reliability.

CAM/CAD Nesting Software

Hypertherm is an industry leader in CAM nesting software for CNC sheet and plate cutting applications, including plasma, laser, waterjet, oxyfuel, combination punch, drill/tap/spindle, and turret punch. Our ProNest® Nesting Software, TurboNest® Nesting Software, and NestMaster™ Nesting Software provide precision solutions for all cutting profiles.

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