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O.E. Meyer Co.



Proud to supply the latest developments
and innovations in arc welding products,
robotics, plasma, oxyfuel cutting, and safety.



Devoted to maximizing the efficiency, quality and sustainability of industry-leading products and services. We can help build a solution that will meet your specific needs.



Establish a partnership to bring
new hospital technologies and innovations
to the healthcare profession.



We use the latest technologies to fill gas
cylinders and other containers with fast-fill
cryogenic pumps, perform multiple tests
on each of our gases and gas mixtures to
ensure the highest quality.



The leading local supplier for residential, commercial, industrial and agriculture propane applications. Our staff has a combined 90 plus years experience in the industry.



A premier supplier of beverage grade
C02 gas that exceeds ISBT (International
Society of Beverage Technologists)
recommendations, cylinders, onsite
micro-bulk tanks and service.