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Plasma Welders

Thermal Arc Ultima 150 Welding System

Spec Sheet

The Ultima 150 is priced competitively with automated TIG systems. The Ultima 150 is a self contained unit, which requires attaching input power and gasses, then mounting the torch. Limits power source output to torch capability to avoid torch damage.

Thermal Arc WC-100B Welding Console

Spec Sheet

Reliable arc starting by means of a pilot arc which can be used in either the interrupted or continuous mode. LED amperage/voltage display with large, readable plasma and shield gas flow meters. Increased Safety with internal torch lead connections.

Thermal Arc WC-1 Plasma Sequencer

Spec Sheet

Full featured current Pulser to aid in controlling warpage, penetration and weld puddle. Sloper function permits the development of a complete sequence of operation for a specific welding job. Two programmable outputs, one controls the Plasma power source, the second controls a Cold Wire Feed Motor Drive Control.

Thermal Arc HE 100A Coolant Recirculator

Spec Sheet

High efficiency and completely non-ferrous internal construction (including a reusable metal filter) make this a useful, dependable companion for any Thermal Arc plasma welding system to 300 amps