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Mixers and Blenders

Thermco Variable Ratio Mini-Gas Mixer

Spec Sheet

Surge tank design allows infinite flow rate turn down from 750 to 0 SCFH. Gas mixture is set at the factory to the user specified setting. The mixture may be changed by the user to a new mixture.

Thermco H2/N2, H2/Ar Gas Mixing Systems

Spec Sheet

Available in standard capacities of 0-2000, 0-5000, and 0-10,000 SCFH. Continuous gas analysis of the gas mixture. Gas mixture may be easily adjusted to optimum set point.

Thermco Indoor and Outdoor Bulk Mixing Systems

Spec Sheet

0-2000, 0-5000, 0-10,000, and 0-20,000 SCFH Flowrate Models. Continuous gas analysis of the gas mixture, optional alarms available. Surge tank design produces a constant gas mixture proportion from shutoff to full flow conditions.

Thermco Argon Blend Mixing Series

Spec Sheet

The Model 8520 gas mixer is designed to mix hydrogen and argon for welding and cutting applications. These include shielding gas for plasma arc welding (PAW) and gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW).

Miller Gas Mixer

Spec Sheet

The two-gas mixer supplies flow rates up to 180 SCFH. The unit comes factory set for Argon/CO2 shielding gas but can be used to mix Argon/Helium, Argon/Oxygen and CO2/Oxygen. Ideal for the precise blending of MIG and TIG shielding gas