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Industrial Vending

CribMaster ProLock

Spec Sheet

Speeding up the process of distributing hand tools, power tools, and a myriad of other MRO (maintenance, repair, and operations) products eliminates a great deal of downtime.

CribMaster Toolbox

Spec Sheet

The ToolBox is the foundation of CribMaster's line of traditional vending solutions. This secure, point-of-use dispensing device is ideal for the internal distribution of high-use inventory or any type of indirect material.

CribMaster ProStock

Spec Sheet

Eliminate the "grab bag" dispensing approach of your MRO and gain control with secure, single-item dispensing of the ProStock.

CribMaster MultiStore

Spec Sheet

The MultiStore provides controlled access for the internal distribution of expendable inventory such as safety supplies, batteries, aerosols, or any type of MRO.

CribMaster eDrawer

The eDrawer is an ideal solution that creates user accountability and provides the critical data you need, so that you can take a proactive approach if a tool does get accidentally misplaced or lost.

CribMaster X3 System

Spec Sheet

The modular design of this industrial benchtop solution improves operational efficiencies by enabling manufacturers the ability to create compact vending within arm’s reach of the job.

CribMaster Express ToolBox

This cost-effective coil-style vending solution utilizes basic functionality for easy set up yet still provides the security, controlled dispensing, and real time data tracking as in other CribMaster vending solutions using coil-dispensing technology.

CribMaster ToolCube

Spec Sheet

Open the drawer and you access to only the tools, MRO items and other indirect material that you have selected using our configurable drawer divider system.

CribMaster CabLock

The versatility of the CabLock is ideal for establishing accountability among your employees with high-use supplies required at the point-of-use.

CribMaster ModuLock

Spec Sheet

CribMaster software drives productivity and cost accounting to new heights when used in conjunction with these electronic lockers.

CribMaster WeighStation

Spec Sheet

The WeighStation paired with CribMaster software provides an effective solution for completely passive issue of your high-use supplies with total accountability.