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Adapters, Couplers, Fittings and Hoses

Allied Healthcare Western MedicalPrecision Medical

Making the right connection for safe use of medical gases includes medical gas fittings, adaptors, couplers, connections, accessories, and equipment for Oxygen (OXY, O2), Medical Air (AIR), Suction (Vacuum, VAC), Nitrous Oxide (N2O), Nitrogen (N2), Waste anesthetic gas disposal (WAGD, EVAC), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Heliox, and Instrument Air (IAIR).


PowerHeart Auto PowerHeart Plus PowerHeart Pro

For the trained health care professional to the lay person on the street, AED (automated external defibrillator) technology has become a standard for use in sudden cardiac arrest.Make sure your AED has rescue ready performance which is the key to ensure the AED functionality, (battery, hardware, software, and defibrillator pads) are ready when an emergency arises.

Air Disinfection and Purification


WellAir low energy plasma technology air disinfection and purification devices destroy bacteria, viruses and molds at the DNA level, and mitigate odors. The various units can be easily mounted or can be mobile in patient rooms, procedural areas, emergency rooms, critical care areas, waiting rooms, ambulances, individual workspaces, physician offices, dining areas, laundry areas, morgues, clinics, hallways, lobbies, conference rooms, classrooms, and more. WellAir is clean air.

Airway Management

Parker Medical Sheridan Medical King Systems Sun Med Merlyn Medical

The practice of airway management has become more advanced in recent years. This advancement is demonstrated by the introduction of many new airway devices. The simple airway to the more complex has allowed for alternative options to managing the airway.

Anesthesia Accessory Tray


Anestand is a dedicated reusable anesthesia induction/procedure tray with an articulating arm with clamp, that you can attach to an OR table rail or to an IV pole in close proximity to the patient. It can be used to hold intubation/induction items, such as laryngoscope handles, blades, ET Tubes, masks, syringes, suction tubing/yankauer, patient monitor cables, and includes circuit tube clamps, as well as integrated IV tubing clips to aid in the JCAHO and CDC “scrub the hub” initiatives.

Anesthesia Circuits and Masks

King Masks and Flex2 Smith Medical Anesthesia and Intubation Westmed Portfolio

Adult and pediatric anesthesia circuits provide an extensive assortment of standard circuit configurations and customized designs ranging from simple circuits to complete and comprehensive anesthesia kits. High quality tubing with exceptional flexibility.

Blenders for Air/O2 and Heliox

Precision Medical Air Oxygen Blender Precision Medical Heliox Blender Maxtec

Air/Oxygen blenders can be configured in a variety of ways to meet your need for precise oxygen concentration. Blenders that don’t require a compressed air source gas, multiple gas outlets, high and low flow and built in oxygen analyzers are a few of the options. Also available is the Helium/Oxygen blender for precise delivery of this gas mixture

CO2 Absorbent


Amsorb Plus from Armstrong Medical is an innovative alternative to conventional CO2 absorbents during inhalation anesthesia. The unique formulation of Amsorb Plus allows you to confidently administer anesthesia without the generation of carbon monoxide or other degradants at all flow rate.

CO2 Monitoring


CO2 detectors to reliably confirm proper ET tube placement and transport for up to 24 hours and in 100% humidity. Available for the adult, pediatric and infant patients


Airon Philips Pulmodyne GO-PAP Emergency CPAPPulmodyne BiTrac Full Face & NIV MasksPulmodyne BiTrac MaxShield NIV Mask

CPAP and NIV have become a standard of care in a variety of settings, EMS, ER, Critical Care, Post OP and NICU. The benefits have been published in the literature and more areas are adopting the CPAP and NIV application for those patients that present a level of respiratory distress. Products are available that will meet the needs for a variety of applications



Electrocardiograph systems are available to meet the needs of every clinical environment.  The trusted Mortara brand include ECG/EKG products for the physician’s offices and hospitals.


Bovie Medical Corporation

Electrosurgery is used in 80% or more of all surgical procedures. They deliver high-frequency electrical currents and voltages through an active electrode, causing desiccation, vaporization, or charring of the target tissue. They are useful tool in all aspects of the surgical arena.

Elevation Pillow

Troop Pillow

An airway aid for obese patients, improving operating room time efficiency by facilitating 1st pass intubation. Improves patient safety and lowers risk.


Allied Healthcare Allied Healthcare Accessories Precision Medical

Choose from compact designs that fit more easily into space-cramped wall rails, pediatric flowmeters with shock protection, multiple connection options, and more.

Holter Monitoring

Mortara H3+ Mortara H12+

The H3+ “small” redefined for holter recording and is available is 3-channel recording with optional 2 channel bipolar.  The H12+ continuous 12-lead compact and lightweight which provides a beat-by-beat on compact flash memory card for up to 48 hours.

Intubation Aids


Firm and flexible for ease of insertion these latex introducers are calibrated for accurate entry depth. Available in adult and pediatric sizes. They are single use, sterile and individually packaged.

Isolation Station

Ideal Environments Inc.

The Ideal Isolation Station is uniquely designed to assist you in organizing and storing all your critical isolation materials…right at the point of use. It provides easy access to what your need…when and where you need it. Doesn’t infringe upon valuable floor space and is customized to meet your storage requirements.

IV Stands

SmartStack Patient Care Stand

SmartStack I.V. Stand has a specially designed pole base that is 100% cast aluminum, porviding extra stand support and durability.  Its patented design will stack neatly with other bases of its kind, allowing for extra storage space, a more organized facility and easy transportation of multiple stands all at once.



Disposable blade solves contamination problems and eliminate the cost and time spent cleaning blades and returning them for use. We offer a wide aery of options from disposable, stainless steel waterproof , Fiber Optic German profile, LED, or specialty blades and handles

Malignant Hyperthermia Filters


Prepare any anesthesia machine for susceptible patients in less than 60 seconds. The Vapor-Clean filters absorb the trace amounts of anesthetic vapor so that anesthetic vapors do not reach the patient.

Medical Carts and Cabinets

Harloff Carts

In addition to the standard configurations, a custom cart product can be designed to meet your needs. Whether it’s changing to custom locks and drawer configurations, creating specialized accessories for unique facility requirements, or designing and building specially sized carts it can be accomplished.

Medical Lighting

Philips Burton Catalog

Visual acuity is basic for all aspects of diagnostics and surgery. The goal is to enhance your vision, your comfort and your performance in all exams, procedures and surgeries.


Beevers Medical Catalog MPSC/HeRO Maxtec WestmedPrecision Medical

As one of our manufacturer’s states “It’s all About the Babies.” These products can aide in the caring for your babies. Sticky whiskers help keep cannula in place. The HeRO ES monitor helps to improve patient outcomes. EyeMax2 has a new easy to use design. All of our products can aide in caring for your babies.

Oxygen Analyzers and Monitors

Precision Medical Analytical Industries Maxtec MSA

If your need is analyzing oxygen concentration on a spot check basis, or continuous monitoring a variety of options are available to meet those needs.

Oxygen Carts and Storage

Falls Welding Medical Products Anthony Welded Products

A complete line of oxygen cylinder carts and storage racks that conform to all regulatory standards, which makes it safe for your patients and staff.

Oxygen Regulators

Allied Healthcare Western Medica Regulators Western Medica Airtote and Oxytote

Wherever oxygen and medical gases are used hospital, EMS, ambulance, fire rescue a durable regulator helps insure safe use of gases. As a medical gas supplier we provide gas regulator that will meet the various needs in a cost effective manner.

Oxygen Sensors

Analytical Industries

Oxygen sensors that provide longer life span in traditional sizes. Sensors provide for a faster response time without sacrificing service life of the sensor. 100% QC testing…the most extensive testing in the industry provides you with the best O2 sensors possible.

Peak Flow Meters

Alliance Tech Medical

Patients can be confident in the proven, time tested performance of the Mini-Wright and Mini-Wright AFS peak flow meters, or the economical, accurate AllFLOW and Airzone peak flow meters all from Allied Tech Medical.

Percussors and Vibrators

General Physiotherapy Med Systems

Chest physiotherapy can be a challenge for both the patient and caregiver. Percussors and Vibrators mimic hand percussion without fatiguing the patient or caregiver. The units offered are pneumatic, electronic or battery operated for infants. Improve patient and staff satisfaction by using a mechanical device to provide percussion or vibratory therapy.

Point of Care Testing


Nasopharyngeal aspiration kit consistently provides superior sensitivities when testing for viral and bacterial pathogens such as RSV, Influenza and Pertussis.  The convenient kit provides for saving time and provides better patient outcomes.



We strive to deliver comfortable, well-designed personal protective equipment (PPE) that offers your workers the most effective protection available.

Pulmonary Function Filters

Alliance Tech Westmed

Pulmonary Function Filters that meet and exceed the highest standards in PFT filtering with minimal resistance and low dead space.

Pulmonary Function and Spirometry

A-M Systems ndd Medical Technologies

The new standard in portable spirometry makes it easy, fast, reliable and accurate. Spirometry is ideal for accurate and early diagnosis of respiratory diseases.

Rail Systems

Eastern Rail Systems

The rail system offers health care professionals advantages in the use of critical care equipment. It give nursing personnel a simple and reliable way to mount critical care equipment and support equipment near the patient, yet off the floor. The system helps prevent breakage of expensive equipment and reduces down time and less backup equipment.

Regional Anesthesia


By utilizing the SAFIRA device, the procedure now becomes a single anesthesia caregiver technique, while limiting the injection pressure to a safe level and help reduce the risk of possible nerve damage to the patient. SAFIRA saves time, expense, and provides safety for the caregiver and patient.

Respiratory Disposables

Teleflex Westmed

Our goal is to provide respiratory products that enable healthcare providers to improve outcomes and enhance patient and provider safety with cost effective solutions. A variety of solutions are offered to allow you to best meet the needs of your patients


Detecto Health O Meter

A wide variety of scales are offered to meet the needs throughout a healthcare facility or physician office. Many of the scales are EHR/EMR ready to provide information directly to you system.


Allied Allied - Chemetron Allied - Gomco Ambu Precision Medical

The vacuum product array provides for portable, mobile,continuous and intermittent provide for a wide selection to meet your specific needs. A free vacuum analysis can be provided to assess the current needs of your facility.

Tracheostomy and Cricothyrotomy Tubes

Pulmodyne Blom Tracheostomy Pulmodyne Control Cric

Blom Tracheostomy Tubes offer easier facilitation of Rehabilitation, Communication, and Subglottic Suctioning with an array of specialized inner cannulas. Our Control-Cric Emergency Cricothyrotomy Kit offers a simple, safer, and quicker process for this procedure.


Allied Ambu Persys Medical

When it comes to emergency services, responders need uncomplicated, reliable products that can provide a measure of safety. Our goal is to add to our portfolio of products to continuously improve our ability to assist the emergency services in meeting the demands of their patients.


Airon pNeuton Model A Airon pNeuton Mini Allied

Each of the ventilators in our transport and mass casualty lines provide a unique set of features. If your need is for transport (MRI compatible), or if your planning for mass casualty preparedness, the right ventilator is available to meet your need.

Vital Signs Monitors


Cost effective vital signs monitoring that can improve patient outcomes with a comprehensive, user-friendly system. The monitors provide a full range of options that can be the perfect choice for a busy department that demands accurate, reliable performance.