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Shielding Gases Cylinder


O.E. Meyer Co. offers all of the standard pure and mixed gas blends, as well as custom blends for specific applications. Various gas types and blends provide different weld bead profiles. The gases also have a major impact on the width and depth of weld penetration. Our team of sales professionals can help customers determine which blend will offer them the highest degree of quality and efficiency.


Compressed Gases

O.E. Meyer Co. is a proud supplier of a wide range of compressed gaseous and liquid gases. Our selection of gases includes everything from “acetylene to xenon”. We work hand-in-hand with Linde, the global leader of gases and gases technology to supply only the highest quality products available. Our state of the art gases filling facility utilizes the most efficient gas production technology available today. Multiple analytical test points give us the ability to verify raw materials and to continue to monitor product purity throughout the production process. Each batch of our shielding gas blends are analyzed to make certain the gases meet or exceed American Welding Society specifications. An actual analysis is available upon customer request. Our plant is registered ISO 9001. We understand the importance of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s), employee training and corrective actions. We strives to exceed customer expectations with every batch of product manufactured and delivered.

Compressed Gases Safety

We understand that with compressed gases comes a great deal of responsibility to ensure that the gases can be used safely and in the proper manner. Using criteria established by OSHA, NFPA, FDA and CGA, O.E. Meyer strives to ensure that our customers have the highest quality and safest gas systems available. Our responsibility extends from the measures taken at our facility to evaluate each of our gas cylinders prior to and during filling. We also batch analyze all our gases to make certain they meet or exceed the specifications they are being filled. We also stock a wide range of gas equipment and equipment accessories for compressed gases that include regulators, manifolds, piping, valves, adapters, fittings, flowmeters, gauges and storage equipment. Our experienced staff can help you decide which accessory is best for your needs.