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Medical Gases

O.E. Meyer Co. exceeds industry standards by filling and testing medical gases in our state-of-the-art facility and gas lab. We adhere to the rigorous quality and purity requirements and our technicians are trained to meet those demands. Our facility operates in accordance with ISO 9001 certification and is registered with the FDA.

From emergency to routine deliveries, our medical gas services are focused on facility safety and ongoing efficiencies for each customer. Our areas of expertise include annual onsite customer training for safe use of medical gases and ongoing system certifications.




OE Meyer Co. has in-depth knowledge and proven experience with installing bulk delivery systems, integrating into hospital gas systems, and certifying and/or repairing medical gas systems. Likewise, high pressure cylinders and liquid storage containers are available in a variety of sizes to support low temperature uses.

Surgery Centers (ASC) and Long-Term Care (LTC)

Facilities using multiple high pressure cylinders will benefit from installing a manifold system which streamlines operations. Additionally, a manifold system limits cylinder changeover time and the overall space requirements for a gas system. Please refer to the “Medical Gas Cylinder Size Selection” section for a size comparison chart.

Home Healthcare

Patient specific gases in individual cylinders or liquid reservoirs can be delivered to the patient’s home by OE Meyer Co. drivers.

Dentists, Physicians and Veterinarians

Medical gas cylinders are available in a wide array of sizes. Please refer to the “Medical Gas Cylinder Size Selection” section for a size comparison chart.