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Industrial Gases


O.E. Meyer can develop a personalized gases plan to provide your company with the industrial gases you need. We are a complete provider of gases and our highly trained cryogenics experts, who are available around the clock to serve our valued customers, are never further than a local call away. We offer a complete selection of industrial gases utilizing our state-of-the-art gases filling facility. Not only do we use the latest technologies to fill gas cylinders and other containers with fast-fill cryogenic pumps, but we also perform multiple tests on each of our gases and gas mixtures. Our facility is compliant with ISO 9001 standards and mixed in accordance with the American Welding Society purity specifications

Compressed Gases

O.E. Meyer Co. is a proud supplier of a wide range of compressed gaseous and liquid gases. Our selection of gases includes everything from “acetylene to xenon”. We work hand-in-hand with Linde, the global leader of gases and gases technology to supply only the highest quality products available. We can supply gas products in a number of packages. We offer small cylinders, large cylinders, high pressure (6000 PSIG) cylinders, multiple cylinder cradles, liquid cylinders and bulk. Our state of the art gases filling facility utilizes the most efficient gas production technology available today. Multiple analytical test points give us the ability to verify raw materials and to continue to monitor product purity throughout the production process. Each batch of our shielding gas blends are analyzed to make certain the gases meet or exceed American Welding Society specifications. An actual analysis is available upon customer request. Our plant is registered ISO 9001. We understand the importance of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s), employee training and corrective actions. We strives to exceed customer expectations with every batch of product manufactured and delivered.

Industrial Gases Services

In addition to providing and delivering cylinder gases and residential and industrial propane to our Ohio customers, O.E. Meyer also offers micro-bulk and bulk gases. Bulk gases offer savings, as it relates to both product pricing and efficiencies. One source of storage and multiple usepoints virtually eliminate cylinder handling. Reduced cylinder handling allows employees to be more productive and also decreases the chance of an accident involving a high pressure cylinder. O.E. Meyer Co. can offer you a detailed proposal on how you can benefit from bulk gases.