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We offer a broad line of gases and gas packages. Our capabilities extend beyond individual cylinders and include liquid cylinders, cradles, tube trailers, and bulk products. We employ cryogenic technicians that install bulk vessels and are available 24/7 in case of emergency. Our customer’s applications include fabricating, cutting, cryogenic testing, and health care. We’re skilled at providing higher pressure systems that are required for oxide free laser cutting. O.E. Meyer Co. also provides Micro-bulk vessels to customers with volumes that warrant a smaller bulk container, but want the efficiencies of bulk gases. We’re experienced with them all. Contact us today and we’ll review your current gas volumes and offer a complete cost analysis on bulk product.


Carbonic Division

As the premier supplier of compressed gases in Northern Ohio, O.E. Meyer Co. is pleased to announce that we can now provide Beverage CO2 that exceeds ISBT (International Society of Beverage Technologists) recommendations. Our capabilities include high pressure cylinders, liquid cylinders, micro bulk and generator/blenders. We can engineer a system that eliminates the hassles of changing cylinders. O.E. Meyer Co. representatives will work closely with you to determine the proper size micro bulk and emergency back-up cylinder. We will install and maintain the system and remove all concerns of running out of beverage CO2.