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Robotic Solutions

Material Handling Robots

Companies across the globe are adding more and more material handling robots to their processes as they add many benefits. From picking to packing to kitting, utilizing material handling robots to automate processes is quickly becoming a trend in numerous industries. Among the benefits of material handling robots include:

Flexibility to complete numerous tasks: Material handling robots can be used for order picking, placing, dispensing, palletizing, packaging, machine loading, assembly, material removal and many other tasks.

Increased efficiency: Material handling robots are reliable and can perform repetitive tasks constantly without worries of fatigue or decreased speed. This means the processes are completed with increased efficiency and increased quality.

Reduction in labor costs: Utilizing a material handling robot for routine and repetitive tasks not only reduces labor costs as compared to using humans for the same tasks, but also keeps other workers safer from hazardous, repetitive and fatiguing tasks.

Less potential for material damage: As the material handling robots are specifically programmed to form unique tasks with absolute precision, the chances for materials or items to be damaged during the tasks is decreased when compared to when the same tasks are performed by humans.

Arc Welding Robots

With a wide selection of arc welding robots, the specific features of each model will vary, and depending on the model of the arc welding robot, the features can include:

Compatibility – Many arc welding robots are equipped to work with all brands of welding equipment including TIG welders, MIG welders and plasma welders.

Speed – Arc welding robots from Fanuc Robotics offer the highest motion speeds in class to provide maximum performance and productivity.

Precision – With models including a built-in wire feed motor, arc welding robots provide accurate wire control for increased control in arc welding.

Flexibility – Many arc welding robots can be used in conjunction with EMI shielding kits to allow them to operate in TIG welding, plasma welding and plasma cutting environments.

iRVision (Integrated Robot Vision) – Using the patented Fanuc Robotics technology of iRVision, robots are equipped with high performance 2D and 3D vision for increased accuracy

Pick and Place

We teamed up with FANUC to bring you the latest technology in robotics. The FANUC Pick and Place can stack parts at 90 Parts/Minute. These robots are ideal for both simple and complex assembly of electronics, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, office supplies, consumer products, and solar panels. We are able to customize any robot to fit the needs of your organization.

Rental Robot Program

Our unique rental robot program allows our industry partners to evaluate the Robotic Welding process, and calculate Automation’s return on investment without making the capital investment first. Let our rental robot’s decrease your manufacturing costs and increase your productivity.