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Retrofits and Applications

Retrofit Solutions

The highly trained experts at O.E. Meyer Co. use decades of experience combined with the latest technologies to provide retrofit upgrades to automated systems. To determine what upgrades can be added to make the most of your existing equipment, we can evaluate your current systems and prepare a proposal for your approval. Between installing new parts and re-engineering existing equipment, our retrofit upgrades can improve the speed of your machines, allow them to create new products and improve your bottom line.

Shape Cutting Controllers

Shape cutting controllers can improve quality, productivity and profitability by delivering state of the art cutting process to your business. We offer a selection of controllers and software from Hypertherm and Burny Kaliburn. These shape cutting controllers allow opportunities for complex projects.

CAM/CAD Nesting Software

Hypertherm is an industry leader in CAM nesting software for CNC sheet and plate cutting applications, including plasma, laser, waterjet, oxyfuel, combination punch, drill/tap/spindle, and turret punch. Our ProNest® Nesting Software, TurboNest® Nesting Software and NestMaster™ Nesting Software provide solutions to all of your profile cutting needs.