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Positioning Equipment

We have been selling and servicing positioning equipment for over 50 years. This equipment can be used for welding, assembly, rolling, turning, fabrication, inspection, and automation. Options are available for small and large industries.

We offer many designs to models and position objects from 100 to 4,000,000 pounds at every angle you need. Our partnership with Koike Aronson and ALM will bring you the best equipment in the industry.

If you already own positioning equipment, keep in mind that O.E. Meyer Co. and Koike Aronson Inc. offer factory rebuild programs to refurbish your equipment to like new condition, often at a fraction of the replacement cost.  New controls, drives, bearings, faceplates, chucks, and much more are available to revitalize and reutilize your existing positioners.

Benefits of a Rebuilt

  • Extended Life: Our reconditioning program will substantially extend the life of the positioner
  • Long Range Solution:Our rebuilds are a long range alternative that eliminate down time and costly repairs.
  • Inspection & Audit:KAR specialists will perform a thorough examination of existing equipment, on-site or at our facility, to determined the most viable options for upgrading and reconditioning
  • Experience:Benefits from the same experience and technical knowledge that is applied during original manufacturing.
  • Current Specifications:Existing positioning equipment can be upgraded to the latest performance standards and benefit from current design and engineering concepts
  • Replacement Parts:Koike Aronson is the only source for original replacement parts.


ALM Two Axis Headstock Tailstock Welding Positioners

ALM Welding Positioners and Fixtures