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Post Breast Surgery

Amoena Contact

The Amoena Contact form attaches to the skin and moves with the body, this form relieves pressure from the shoulders and is easy to wear and care for. For skin that has recently undergone surgery and radiation therapy, it is recommended that these breast forms be used only after follow-up treatment.

Amoena Climate Control

Amoena’s Climate control breast form equalizes temperature wand makes skin feel pleasantly dry due to the moisture-absorbing pad. This form is ideal for women experiencing perspiration problems. The removable pad should be washed by hand.

Amoena Natura

The Natura is designed to provide a more natural feel, and moves with the body and flattens when lying down. The form also warms quickly to body temperature

Amoena Individual

The soft moldable bask layer of this form adapts individually to an uneven chest wall for a close comfortable fit. The back layer retains its shape when there is no movement and the front layer keeps a natural shape.


Single layer lightweight silicone breast form with softer look and feel. Developed to meet the essential needs of women following breast surgery. Offers a pleasant feel and appearance.

Symmetry Shapers

This form is designed to meet the essential needs of women following breast surgery, with a balanced secure fit. The naturally soft silicone gently hugs the post-surgical or smaller breast that ensures a smooth fit to the body. The finely tapered edges fit seamlessly to the body to compensate for the unevenness without pressure on the scar area. This product is also available in the balance contact.

Home wear

Amoena’s home wear is perfect for relaxing or sleeping in. Choose from pajamas, night dresses and camisoles, all with pockets. Our products are also made in wonderfully soft modal fabric that has that extra give whilst still feeling soft to the touch.

Intimate Appareal

Bras are available in several different flattering styles to fit every different woman’s needs and size. There are bras and panties to match the latest trends. Styles for comfort and support are also available. With today’s active life styles there is also a style to accommodate the women on the move.


Amoena pocketed swimwear gives you the confidence to show off your figure again – whether on the beach or in the pool. Chic, fashionable designs combine with clever tailoring and high-tech fabrics in the latest colors, while bilateral pockets hold your breast forms securely in place.

Active wear

 we have a range of co-ordinating active wear products to keep you looking good and moving freely. All of our tops have a built-in shelf bra with pockets for a full or partial breast form, symmetry shaper or enhancer.