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Universal Cervical Collar

Unique collar design with an extended hook and loop closure adjusts to ensure a proper fit for neck sizes 13" to 19". Polyurethane foam is covered with a soft beige stockinette. Available in three widths, two densities and two contours. Traditional low contour design maintains the head in a neutral position. High contour design has a straight configuration which is ideal for slight hyperextension.

Sized Cervical Collar

Polyurethane foam collars are die cut to specific sizes for improved fitting. Foam is covered with a soft beige stockinette. Regular denisty. Available in narrow and regular widths. Traditional low contour design maintains the head in a neutral position.

Thermal Wraps

Reusable hot/cold compresses consist of one hot/cold gel pack with a universal wrap cover. Wraps are made of a soft foam material that is hook compatible and has a soft, absorbent terry cloth. Smaller size (4 x 15") Larger size (6 x 10") Replacement gel packs can be purchased separately in packs of four.



Elastic Shoulder Immobilizer

This lightweight, low profile support provides shoulder immobilization and reduces abduction and arm rotation. Made of firm elastic with a humeral and wrist cuff and loop lock closures.

SAFE-T-SPORT Neoprene Shoulder Support

The sports neoprene material gives comfortable compression and four-way stretch for a proper fit and comfort. Neoprene retains the body's natural heat for therapeutic and soothing warmth to the shoulder joints and surrounding muscles. Adjustable chest and arm closures allow for a custom fit.

Clavicle Support with Four Way Strap

Designed to help hold the shoulders back and limit clavicle movement during treatment of clavicular fractures. Felt back panel for greater support. Four separate grip buckle adjustments provide an excellent fit and maintain even support. Foam padded shoulder straps for greater comfort

Prolite Deluxe Clavicle Support

Pulls shoulders back to align clavicle fractures. Extra soft, breathable padding for increased comfort. Flat ring construction reduces pressure on the spin.

Gel Arm Band

With 30 durometer thermal viscoelastic conforming compression, this arm band provides the ideal in therapeutic support. Conforming compression without restricting circulation. Use this support to treat common injuries like tennis or golfer's elbow

Neoprene Tennis Elbow Sleeve

Neoprene sleeve helps provide temporary relief of pain due to tendinitis or tennis elbow. Sports neoprene sleeve coverage provides therapeutic warmth around the entire elbow joint. Soft nylon loop lining. An added strap gives even greater support. Strap is easily adjusted with the loop lock closure

Eplcondylitis Clasp

Provides targeted compression to the long tendons of the forearm allowing them to remain parallel and pain free. Dual action compression works simultaneously to treat lateral and medial epicondylitis (forehand and backhand tennis elbow).

Joint Warming Elbow Support

Material has ceramic fibers that insulate the joint by retaining heat and slowly reflecting it back into the joint and surrounding tissues. Support promotes healing by increasing circulation around the tender joint and improves joint mobility to allow for faster return to daily activities.

Prolite Universal Arm Sling

comfortably supports the weight of the arm following injury or surgical treatment of the arm, hand or shoulder and can be worn with or without a cast. Soft, durable sling material with padded, adjustable shoulder strap. Thumb loop limits wrist drop and prevents migration.

Deluxe Sling and Detachable Swathe

Made of a durable material for long lasting wear. Extra long sling gives greater range of fit. Made with a long hand catch to prevent wrist drop. Specific sizing gives an improved fit. Comfort foam sleeve on strap. Easy slide buckle adjustment





Prolite Wrist Splint with Abducted Thumb

The unique design protects the thumb from impact or shock without any uncomfortable binding or stitch seams. The splint has a metal palmar and dorsal stay to prevent flexion and extension. Loop lock closures allow for quick and easy one-handed application.

Soft Fit Thumb Spica

Anatomically designed to ensure a comfortable fit. Perspiration is absorbed by a self wicking lining and increased ventilation is provided by perforated blue foam. Closure straps are stretchable for ease of application and removal.

Tether Thumb Stabilizer

Helps support and limit the motion of the MP joint of the thumb. Allows for full finger dexterity. Thermal lining provides warmth to the thumb area and joint. Wrist wrap is made of a soft, cool and breathable material. Made of conforming genuine leather.

Pro-Lite Neoprene Pull-On Thumb Support

This neoprene thumb support provides warmth and uniform compression to aching or injured thumbs and wrists. Compression helps reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling while providing support to soft tissues. Neoprene provides full thumb coverage and applies soothing warmth to all the joints of the thumb.

Pro-Lite 8" Wrist Splint

Breathable foam material with a low contour at palmar crease to provide full finger dexterity and hand use. Removable palmar stay and side stays give maximum support and immobilization

Prolite Low Profile 6" Wrist Splint

Splint provides comfortable compression. Low contour allows full finger dexterity and improved grip strength. Breathable spandex insert for easy application.

Therall Arthritis Gloves

Light compression Arthritis Gloves provide therapeutic warmth to reduce pain and swelling. Soft lining wicks moisture away to keep hands dry.

Elastic Cock-Up Wrist Brace

Brace has a wide, malleable and removable palmar stay to position the wrist in the cock-up position or can be reversed for the cock-down position. The low profile design allows for maximum grip strength and finger dexterity. Brace is easily applied with one hand using simple hook and loop closures.

Carpalmate Wrist Support

A lightweight wrist support designed to maintain the wrist in a neutral position while allowing full finger dexterity. The molded portion of the support prevents the wrist from dropping and prevents excess thumb and little finger opposition. Controlling these motions will prevent excess flexion of the wrist and finger

Sport Neoprene Wrist Support

Neoprene wrist wrap with hook and loop closure fits a wide range of sizes and fits right or left wrists. Provides lightweight support and soothing warmth to aching, fatigued or weak wrists. Made of therapeutic neoprene with a soft nylon loop lining.

6" Canvas Cock-Up Wrist Splint

Made of a durable canvas material with a soft cotton lining. Palmar stay holds the wrist in the cock-up position and is malleable to increase or decrease the degree of cock-up. The lace-up front has two pull-type hook and loop straps for easy one hand closure.


Lumbar Support for Women

This product stabilizes the lumbar sacral region to help relieve lower back pain and discomfort. Ideal for conditions resulting from muscle strain, lumbar strain, lumbar instability, lumbar disc dysfunction or sacral contusion.

Light Weight Lumbar Support

This latex free lumbar sacral support helps provide support and compression to the lower lumbar region and abdominal area. This lumbar sacral support has a tapered front and a 7" high back panel, which is ideal for shorter or geriatric patients.

Heat Retaining Back Support

Support promotes healing by increasing circulation around the tender joint and improves joint mobility to allow for faster return to daily activities. Material has ceramic fibers that retain heat and slowly reflecting it back into the joint and surrounding tissues.

Occupational Back Support

Provides support to the lower back and helps promote proper posture and lifting techniques. Support base is made of durable lightweight, breathable spandex for extended product life. Contains polypropylene stays and rubberized gripper strips to hold the belt in place. Woven suspenders are adjustable and snag resistant.

The Original Cincher

It is fully constructed with high density Power Mesh with hourglass shaping, wide elastic triple side pulls and vertical support elements that add compression to those areas on the female form that are the most sensitive to stress and damage in the lower back.







Surgical Binders

Premium woven elastic for firm and consistent compression. Material can be cut without unraveling to accommodate drainage tubes. Hook-compatible exterior allows for a large range of adjustability and easy application.

All Elastic Rib Belt

All elastic constructed rib belt for maximum compression. Long hook and loop closure for improved fitting for a range of sizes.

Soft Form Hernia Belt

Lightweight material with a plush elastic waistband and soft elastic perineal straps. Completely adjustable without the use of uncomfortable metal snaps or buckles; simple hook and loop closure allows adjustability to control how tight the belt fits.

Soft Form Hernia Brief

The brief features flexible, removable foam compression pads to treat either single or double hernias. Pad pockets are sewn into the brief and eliminate the need to wear both an undergarment and a truss. Adjustable compression straps may be easily adjusted for a comfortable, customized fit.

Premium Woven Two-Panel Surgical Rib Belt

Two-panel surgical rib belts help stabilize rib and sternum fractures by limiting expansion through compression. Two-panel surgical rib belts help stabilize rib and sternum fractures by limiting expansion through compression. Female rib belt is designed with a contoured fit around the bust line.







Safe-T-Sport Neoprene Knee Sleeve Open/Closed

Standard pullover neoprene knee sleeve. Single layer front when added compression is not needed. Made of lightweight neoprene with a soft nylon loop lining. Available with open or closed patella

Safe-T-Sport Neoprene Wraparound Hinged Knee Brace

Made of sports neoprene for therapeutic warmth with a soft, long loop lining for comfortable wear. Metal medial/lateral hinges in neoprene-covered pockets allow for full flexion and provide stabilization and prevent hyperextension.

Safe-T-Sport Stabilizing Knee Support

Removable horseshoe can be placed superior, inferior, lateral or medial depending on where support is needed. Two loop lock straps can be adjusted to give an intimate and comfortable fit.

Gelband Patella Strap

Strap applies uniform compression which helps guide the patella and improve tracking. Includes a uniquely designed viscoelastic insert that provides consistent and focused compression. Angulated buckles allow strap to reside properly for minimal migration in either inferior or superior applications.

Breathable Universal Tri-Panel Foam Knee Immobilizer

Made of a blue perforated mesh material laminated to a soft, light gray medical grade foam. Lateral and medial stays increase stability. Immobilization is created with contoured posterior stays. Easy loop lock closures.

Flexlite Hinged Knee Support

Ideal for walking or light activities. Provides medial and lateral stabilization. Hinges are made of an ultra light space-age composite material that is strong and durable. Hinges include stops to help prevent the knee from hyperextending.

Safe-T-Sport Patella Support

Provides therapeutic warmth and support around the joint to speed healing. Inferior patella pad applies uniform compression on the tendon below the patella to increase stability, improve patella tracking, and alleviate pain and pressure. Adjustable hook and loop straps for easy application and enhanced compression control.



Ankle Walkers

Constructed of lightweight composite material with low profile aluminum side struts. Struts are covered with a soft loop material for top strap adjustability. Rocker bottom has an overall low heel height and a non-skid sole for easier ambulation. Features a foam padded inner sole and heel counter for greater comfort.

Ankle Brace With Air Liner

provides medial and lateral support to stabilize the ankle joint for faster recovery and healing of tender soft tissues. Ideal brace for mild or moderate sprains, strains, or after cast removal. The liner is made of a tri-layer pneumatic air bladder that conforms to the ankle and pulsates while walking to provide a massaging effect.

Inner Loc Ankle Brace

Ideal for sports and to support weak or injured ankles. Made of lightweight, low profile nylon material for long-lasting wear. Extra ankle stabilization with internal figure-eight straps that are preconfigured to ensure correct placement every time.

Wrap Around Support

Sports neoprene foot and ankle portion for consistent compression and therapeutic, soothing warmth to the swollen, tender or injured joint. The double elastic strap offers adjustable compression to both the medial and lateral sides of the ankle and arch of the foot. The wide strap simulates taping and wraps in a figure-eight design with a simple hook closure.

Healwell Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint

Comfortably positions the foot in a controlled amount of dorsiflexion. Adjustable bilateral dorsiflexion straps enable the application of prolonged stretch to the soft tissues of the Plantar Fascia and the Achilles tendon. Both the heel orientation and tibial straps are easy to adjust and use with push lock buckles. Padded straps for increased comfort.

Post-Op Shoes

Designed for wear after soft tissue procedures. Especially useful for geriatric and diabetic patients with insensitive feet. Durable open weave nylon upper with soft inner lining. Molded heel provides a smooth and stable contour. Removable tongue can be trimmed for proper fit.

Soft Point Heel Cushion

Made of medical grade silicone for long-lasting support and comfort. Silicone gives optimal absorption of the shock generated from everyday and high-impact heel strike. The blue spot in the heel cushion has a softer durometer profile at the heel for enhanced comfort.