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The underwear are available in extra and super absorbencies and a full range of sizes. The pull on and off design make them convenient and discreet, making them feel like regular underwear.

Adult Briefs

The adult briefs have a cloth-like outer fabric and a side fastener that is easy to operate. They are designed for maximum protection against heavy incontinence. We carry an array of sizes.

Bladder Control Pads

The bladder control pads are available for men as well as women. They are designed with a full adhesive strip for security. They are designed for stress or urge incontinence, featuring a strip to quickly wick away moisture and lock it for ultimate skin dryness.


Designed to protect beds, chairs and other surfaces. They are available in a variety of sizes and absorbencies to suit all needs.

Adult Washcloths

Adult Washcloths are super strong for tough jobs and super soft on the skin. Prevail’s Single-Hand Dispensing is easy to use while dispensing one wipe at a time, adding convenience and reducing waste.

Invacare Reusable Bed Pad

Reusable under-pads protect beds, chairs and other surfaces.