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Hospital Bed

Invacare Bariatric Beds

Bariatric Bed is a heavy-duty full-electric bed frame capable of supporting up to 750 lb. With the patient in mind, this bed expands from 39" wide to a full 48" and from 80" in length to 88". Four ultra-quiet DC actuators easily reposition the head and foot sections, as well as the bed height.

Invacare Full Electric Beds

This is a great bed for home or assisted living facilities. The Invacare Full Electric Bed is ideal for those who are looking for adjustable head, foot and height at a reasonable price. Multiple mattress options to ensure the comfort and skin protection of your loved one.

Invacare Manual Beds

Manual beds offer the same features as electric beds in terms of the upper body, knee, and bed height adjustments. The adjustments are made by manually turning cranks at the foot of the bed.

Invacare Semi-Electric Beds

Semi-electric beds combine motorized control of the upper body and knees with the manual bed height adjustment. The upper body and knees are adjusted by touching the buttons on the control pendant. The bed height is adjusted by manually turning a crank.

Matresses and Overlay

Patient comfort and prevention of skin breakdown is of the utmost importance. For that reason the O.E. Meyer Co offers a wide range of mattresses, bed overlays, and therapeutic support surfaces to meet the needs of all patients.

Electric and Hydraulic Lifts

Designed to meet the special needs of your patients weighing up to 600 lbs., the Invacare Reliant 600 Heavy-Duty Lift is secure and sturdy, providing a safe alternative to manual lifting. Both durable and functional, the Reliant 600 is also a reassuring and comfortable patient lift.

Toilet Safety Frame


A trapeze offers patients assistance in repositioning themselves in bed along with transferring in and out of bed without the assistance of another person. Our trapezes offer multiple height adjustments and hand bar positions to maximize patient accessibility.

Bedside Commodes


Features durable chrome-plated, welded steel construction designed to withstand heavy duty use. When properly used, bed rails are some of the most important safety and accident prevention accessories used in the patient room today.

Gel Foam Matress

Invacare offers two static overlays to aid in the prevention of pressure ulcers for those patients who are at risk of developing a pressure ulcer. The overlays are both easy to use and maintain.